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Social media offers marketers more than a way to reinforce your brand. It's also a good way to drive people to a conversion or sale by bringing in new marketable contacts into your database and nurturing them across all channels.

Develop offers, promotions, contests, and content that engages your audience more deeply and drives conversion—from a form fill to a purchase. This can be done through social media activity from your brand page or on a 1 to 1 basis through individual team members.

Social Selling - Outreach known as social selling gives you a new way to connect with your buyers. Your social media marketing and sales team (if you have one) can reach out to people on a 1 to 1 level and offer them personal, relevant content, messages, and offers to accelerate them toward a purchase.

"As social media becomes more personal, social selling, when practiced correctly, is becoming a very real channel to engage people with."


JOHN JANTSCH Speaker and Author of Duct Tape Marketing

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